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The Importance of Feasability When Raising Mega Bucks

Without question, the most important step in preparing for a campaign is to conduct a thorough and objective feasibility study.

The plans and goals are presented in confidence to a carefully selected cross-section of the community, and these individuals are asked for their candid evaluations. A sense of organization and professionalism is established from the beginning, which instills confidence in the donor community. This study often uncovers positive factors, which have not been stressed by the institution, but are perceived as strengths by the community. Occasionally, negative factors appear as well, and countering efforts can be planned in time to avoid damage to the campaign.

A properly conducted feasibility study can tell you not only if your objectives are realistic, but also how you can achieve them. It should determine the ultimate dollar goal; set the time frame for the campaign; identify potential leadership and major gifts; test the case for support and serve as the starting point in the marketing of your campaign to prospective donors and volunteers. In addition to these issues, the assessment will address questions of program coordination, staffing, budget, print materials and related institutional activities such as special events and public relations.


Week 1 - If no case statement exists, a document that outlines the organization's needs must be drawn up.


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